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  • Science@Leuven Maart-April-Mei 2017 

    Declercq, Marc; Moons, Lieve; Sintubin, Manuel; Temst, Kristiaan; Van Meervelt, Luc; Waelkens, Christoffel; Lievens, Peter; Gilis, Lieve; De Greef, Barbara; Waelkens, Siska; Caerts, Katelijne (prof. Peter Lievens, 2017-03)
    Science@leuven is een initiatief van de gelijknamige overkoepelende alumnivereniging van de Faculteit Wetenschappen van de KU Leuven. Met deze nieuwsbrief willen we zowel de verschillende alumnideelverenigingen, de ...
  • Versioning in DSpace 3.0 

    Luyten, Bram (2013-01-15)
    The ambiguity arising from representing different instances of the same information in an institutional repository is not a new problem. The Version Identification Framework (VIF) Project that ran between July 2007 and May ...
  • Contributions for DSpace 3.0 

    Droogmans, Lieven; Bosman, Ben; Diggory, Mark (Open Repositories 2012 Conference, 2012-07-12)
    As a registered DuraSpace service provider @mire is committed to support the community in as many ways as possible. @mire considers contribution to the development of DSpace not only as a means to support the community, ...
  • Subject Repositories for Research Data - the Dryad Approach 

    Luyten, Bram; Diggory, Mark; Schaeffer, Peggy (European Library Automation Group (ELAG) Annual Conference, 2012-05-16)
    The Dryad project ( operates a repository for research data supporting publications in the domain of bio sciences. This presentation proposal highlights approaches and learnings from the Dryad ...
  • Strategic planning: could it be useful? 

    Colenbrander, Hilde (2012-03-14)
    UBC's Hilde Colenbrander explains how they started the cIRcle repository with only 0.5 FTE for coordination and 0.10 FTE in programming back in 2007. Two advocacy approaches that worked for cIRcle were the what's in it for ...
  • Community Involvement and DSpace Innovation 

    Luyten, Bram; Diggory, Mark (2012-03-14)
    Bram Luyten and Mark Diggory kicked off the @mire talk clearing up a few misconceptions about contributing to the DSpace open source development. Contrary to popular belief, contributing code is not only reserved for big ...
  • Innovation Fair at SPARC 2012 Open Access Meeting 

    SPARC (SPARC, 2012-03-13)
    Measuring the once-hidden impact of Open Access on clinical practice and public awareness, embedding digital repositories into the research cycle, encouraging student publishing, and engaging elusive faculty are just some ...
  • DSpace 2.0 and 1.5.2 XMLUI Enhancements to Modularity 

    Diggory, Mark; Bosman, Ben (Open Repositories Conference, 2009-05)
    DSpace 2.0 will support modular capabilities at multiple levels of its architecture. While the DSpace Kernel will provide a means to share Services and Configuration detail across multiple deployed web applications within ...
  • DSpace 2.0 Demonstration 

    Bosman, Ben (Open Repositories Conference, 2009-05-20)
    During the last 9 months, the DSpace 2.0 development team has been working on solutions to drastically improve the data model for DSpace. In this presentation, the impact of the improvements to the data model will be ...
  • Reusing open-access content using authoring tools 

    Droogmans, Lieven (Open Repositories Conference, 2009)
    @mire, with the support of the Flemish government, has developed a prototype in order to investigate the possibilities and usability of using open access repositories in the entire life-cycle of academic research, authoring ...
  • Ensure Online Access to your Digital Assets 

    Luyten, Bram (Workshop on Institutional Repositories, Pretoria, SA, 2009)
    In his presentation, Bram Luyten gave a general introduction to DSpace and discussed In-house hosted repositories vs external hosted solutions. Following the need for training and support on implementing institutional ...
  • Assessing and executing strategic repository opportunities 

    Luyten, Bram (3as Jornadas Os-Repositorios: La proyección de los repositorios institucionales, 2008-12-10)
    This presentation aims to provide repository administrators and enthusiasts with strategic arguments and tools to improve the context of their repository projects. Three different Institutional Repository `contexts` will ...
  • Leuven Institutional Repository and Information Archiving System (LIRIAS) 

    Luyten, Bram; Bosman, Ben; Droogmans, Lieven (2007-10-18)
    In this presentation, Bram Luyten elaborated on the LIRIAS project. This is a customized DSpace for K.U. Leuven, Belgium, currently in the second phase of a three tier approach. As the installation reaches a certain maturity ...
  • DSpace for Research Evaluation 

    Luyten, Bram (Open Repositories Conference, 2008-04-02)
    Many libraries or other repository enthusiasts still come across difficulties in making the business case for institution wide repositories or in trying to instate deposit mandates at their institute. However, aside from ...
  • An innovative application for repositories: DSpace as a conference management repository 

    Droogmans, Lieven; Bosman, Ben; Luyten, Bram (DSpace User Group Conference, 2007-10-18)
    This presentation outlines why and how @MIRE transformed the DSpace platform to create a hosted conference management repository service.
  • SUNScholar: Stellenbosch University Institutional Repository 

    Smith, Ina; Gibson, Hilton (2011-12-20)
    Visit The recorded presentation is available at: Presented virtually during the "Open Access ...
  • Knowledge Repositories in Action: Case of the InterAmerican Development Bank 

    Mokate, Karen; Strand, Kyle; Busch, Joseph (2011-11-22)
    This session looks at the recreation of institutional knowledge with an enterprisewide search engine (Vivisimo's Velocity), a repository platform (DSpace), new governance and processes, and a faceted controlled vocabulary. ...
  • Listings and Reports 

    @mire (2011-11-21)
  • Metadata Quality Module 

    @mire (2011-11-21)
  • Content and Usage Analysis Module 

    @mire (2011-11-21)

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