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  • Ceramic cup 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Ceramic Jar 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Bronze Bowl 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Jar with Spearheads 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Bronze Spearhead 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Shell Bracelet 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Stone and Shell Necklace 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Stone beads 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Flint Arrowhead 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Pearl Necklace 

    Unknown author (2017)
  • Alfred B. Nelson 

    Unknown author (Centre College Special Collections, 1878)
    Graduate of Centre College (Class of 1864); Professor of Mathematics pro tem at Centre from 1864 to 1869; worked for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service from 1869 to 1872; received M.D. degree from University of Pennsylvania ...
  • Earthscope globe 

    Earthscope 2 (2012-02-03)
    The EarthScope resources directory provides access to electronic resources for educators, students, scientists, and interpretive professionals that can enhance the development of presentations, websites, and curricula.
  • Voyage 

    NASA (2012-02-02)
    On the craft's maiden voyage, the crew of space shuttle Columbia took this image that showcases the blackness of space and a blue and white Earth, as well as the cargo bay and aft section of the shuttle. The image was ...
  • External Memory Management and Simplification of Huge Meshes 

    Cignoni, P; Rocchini, C; Scopigno, R (IEEE, 2002)
    Very large triangle meshes, i.e. meshes composed of millions of faces, are becoming common in many applications. Obviously, processing, rendering, transmission and archival of these meshes are not simple tasks. Mesh ...
  • Chasma Boreale, Mars 

    NASA; JPL-Caltech; ASU (2011-03-17)
    Chasma Boreale, a long, flat-floored valley, cuts deep into Mars' north polar icecap. Its walls rise about 4,600 feet, or 1,400 meters, above the floor. Where the edge of the ice cap has retreated, sheets of sand are ...
  • Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly 

    NASA; Ingalls, Bill (2011-03-17)
    Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly wears a blue wrist band that has a peace symbol, a heart and the word 'Gabby' to show his support for his sister-in-law U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, as he rested onboard a Russian Search ...
  • Fractals 

    Smith, Donald Jr (2009-02-20)
  • Moon Image 

    Smith, Donald Jr (2009-02-20)
  • Earth map 

    Smith, Donald Jr (2009-02-20)